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Municipality Name/Description Web Site
Argyle, Town of
Argyle, Village of
Belmont, Town of
Wards 1&2
Belmont, Village of
Benton, Town of
Wards 1&2
Benton, Village of
Blanchard, Town of
Blanchardville, Village of
Ward 1
Cuba City, City of
Wards 6&7
Darlington, City of
Wards 1-7
Darlington, Town of
Wards 1&2
Elk Grove, Town of
Fayette, Town of
Gratiot, Town of
Gratiot, Village of
Hazel Green, Village of
Ward 3
Kendall, Town of
Lamont, Town of
Monticello, Town of
New Diggings, Town of
Seymour, Town of
Shullsburg, City of
Wards 1-3
Shullsburg, Town of
South Wayne, Village of
Wayne, Town of
White Oak Springs, Town of
Willow Springs, Town of
Wiota, Town of
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