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Staff List: Human Services Department
Staff Name Staff Position Phone Number Email
Schuhmacher,  Shane Human Services Director
Black,  Crissy Economic Support/Aging/ADRC - Economic Support Specialist
Boatman,  Lynnette Economic Support Specialist
Brunkow,  Kristine Executive Secretary
Byrnes,  Heidi Mental Health Clinic - Mental Health Coordinator
Cook,  Christa Foster Care Coordinator 608-776-4800
Doeppke,  Amy Family Services 608-776-4800
Fisher,  Dr. Psychiatrist
Griffiths,  Tammy Support Services Unit - Family Support, Birth To Three, DD Coordinator
Hagen,  Brooke Access Intake
Harcus,  Dana Family Services Unit - Juvenile Delinquency, Social Worker II Experienced
Hill,  Melissa Family Services
Kaiser,  Nicole Foster Care Coordinator 608-776-4800
Kaplan, MD,  Dr. Michael Medical Director/Psychiatrist
Leahy,  Lori Support Services Unit - Clerk IV
Lipska,  Sarah Behavioral Health Manager 608-776-4929
Lissner,  Danielle AODA Counselor
Long,  Bobby Bus Driver
McQuaid,  Joy Support Services Unit - Secretary IV
Monson,  Mackenzie Social Worker
Ray,  Shelly Economic Support Specialist
Schroeder,  Robert ADRC/Aging Manager 608-776-4800
Sutherland,  Marjean Economic Support/Aging/ADRC - Economic Support Specialist
Sutter,  Margaret Financial Services Manager 608-776-4800
Zasada,  Missy Economic Support/Aging/ADRC - Economic Support Specialist
Zuehlke,  Molly Mental Health Coordinator
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