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Addressing and Road Name Ordinance

Animal Regulations and Treatment of Animals Ordinance

Animal Waste Storage & Nutrient Mgmt Ordinance

ATV Routes Ordinance

ATV/UTV Speed Limit/Open Intoxicants/Seatbelt Ordinance

Ethics Ordinance


Flood Plain Ordinance

Livestock Licensing Ordinance

Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Transient Merchants and Solicitors, Barking Dogs and Unnecessary Display of Power Ordinances

Public Health Nuisance Ordinance

Zoning General pages 1-40

Zoning Ordinance 6-1-3.4 Exclusive Ag Zoning District Updated 9.10.13

Zoning Wetlands pages 41-65

Zoning Floodplain pages 66-96

Zoning Land Subdivision Regulations pages 106-117

Zoning Sanitary Code pages pages 118-122

Zoning Administrative Provisions pages 123-132 







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